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Hobby & Leisure

  • University of Toronto Archery Club

    Practice archery for physical exercise and hobby.

  • Lebanese Student Association

    The University of Toronto Lebanese Student Association (UTSGLSA) is a vibrant and inclusive group dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging and unity among Lebanese students and those interested in […]

  • Innis Garden Club

    Innis Garden Club is open to all UofT students who want to contribute to a blooming project of sustainability happening on campus. Located at Innis College, the Innis Garden aims […]

  • University of Toronto Shogi Club

    Given the scarcity of Shogi players in English-speaking regions, we are establishing a Shogi club at the University of Toronto with three bold objectives in mind. Firstly, we plan to […]

  • Competitive Poker Club

    The primary objective of the University of Toronto Competitive Poker Club is to organize and oversee competitive poker tournaments throughout the UofT campus. Our ultimate aim is to enhance the […]

  • Sustainable Style Symposium: Thrift Flip and Sewing Workshop

    Join Victoria College Environmental Fashion Show (VEFS) and UTERN for a thrift flip and sewing workshop on November 28th, 6pm at Wymilwood Lounge!! Bring your used clothing and learn how […]

  • University of Toronto Football (Soccer) Club (UTFC)

    This is a community of football (soccer) fans and enthusiasts where we organize a variety of football related games and events. We will gather in social outings to watch significant […]

  • Chai Khana (Tea Room)

    Join us this Friday November 24th from 5-7pm for our Chai Khana! De-stress and meet new friends while enjoying afghan foods, games, desserts, and of course chai! Make sure to […]

  • Echo Elegance UTM

    Title: University Harmony Haven Description: Step into a world where the magic of music comes alive, where voices blend in perfect harmony, and where the rhythm of life finds its […]

  • UTM Dance Team

    The UTM Dance team it the University of Toronto Mississauga’s competitive dance team. We focus on styles include jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, lyrical, tap, and more. The dance team competes against […]