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  • Lebanese Student Association

    The University of Toronto Lebanese Student Association (UTSGLSA) is a vibrant and inclusive group dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging and unity among Lebanese students and those interested in […]

  • University of Toronto Shogi Club

    Given the scarcity of Shogi players in English-speaking regions, we are establishing a Shogi club at the University of Toronto with three bold objectives in mind. Firstly, we plan to […]

  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Students’ Association (AMSA)

    AMSA aims to spread the true, peaceful message of Islam, dispel misconceptions, promote interfaith dialogue, and provide support to its members.  Our motto is “Love for all, hatred for none.” […]

  • Film Therapy Club

    The purpose, objectives, mission and/or mandate of the Film Therapy Club is to provide an environment for the discussion of different films and their potential psychological impacts. 

  • University of Toronto Football (Soccer) Club (UTFC)

    This is a community of football (soccer) fans and enthusiasts where we organize a variety of football related games and events. We will gather in social outings to watch significant […]

  • Professional and Graduate Hindu Students Association

    The Professional and Graduate Hindu Students Association (PGHSA) is a vibrant and inclusive community dedicated to empowering Hindu students pursuing higher education and professional pathways. Our group serves as a […]

  • Azerbaijani Students Association

    Azerbaijani Students Association is representing Azerbaijani Students at UOFT to behold and persevere our values in a culture and identity context. We hold events during the national holidays in Azerbaijan.

  • Chai Khana (Tea Room)

    Join us this Friday November 24th from 5-7pm for our Chai Khana! De-stress and meet new friends while enjoying afghan foods, games, desserts, and of course chai! Make sure to […]

  • UTM Dance Team

    The UTM Dance team it the University of Toronto Mississauga’s competitive dance team. We focus on styles include jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, lyrical, tap, and more. The dance team competes against […]

  • Taste the Tasty

    Taste the Tasty is a club focused on food. If you are a foodie, wish to explore different cuisines & restaurants, and want to find someone to join your adventure, […]