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Spirituality & Faith Communities

  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Students’ Association (AMSA)

    AMSA aims to spread the true, peaceful message of Islam, dispel misconceptions, promote interfaith dialogue, and provide support to its members.  Our motto is “Love for all, hatred for none.” […]

  • Professional and Graduate Hindu Students Association

    The Professional and Graduate Hindu Students Association (PGHSA) is a vibrant and inclusive community dedicated to empowering Hindu students pursuing higher education and professional pathways. Our group serves as a […]

  • Sikh Student Association (SSA)

    Empowering Minds, Embracing Diversity, and Enriching Souls At the University Sikh Student Association, our mission is to create a vibrant and inclusive community that celebrates the rich heritage, values, and […]

  • Men Of Valor (MOV)

    Men of Valor is a campus club that facilitates gatherings for men to engage in meaningful discussions centered around the Christian faith and spirituality. These gatherings provide a safe and […]

  • Students with a Testimony

    A group of University of Toronto students who are interested in learning about and discussing the Bible and what it teaches. We also love food, fun, and fellowship! 😀

  • Armenian Students Association

    The Armenian Association is a welcoming community that celebrates and preserves Armenian culture. Whether you’re of Armenian heritage or simply interested in learning about this rich culture, you’ll find a […]

  • The Living Word Community (TLWC)

    The purpose of Living Word Community is to discuss bible-backed, evidence-based rhetoric for the purpose of solidifying belief in the living word of God which is the Holy Bible. The […]

  • Pet the Pets (PTP)

    We are a passionate and dedicated group of students committed to making a positive impact on the lives of lost and abandoned animals in our community. Our purpose is to […]

  • Taoism Students Association

    Daoist Student Association is a student organization that centers around the Daoist philosophy. The association aims to inherit and promote traditional Chinese culture, cultivate students’ humanistic literacy and moral concepts, […]

  • Myanmar Buddhist Temple Visit

    Date: September 17th, 2023 Time: Be at University of Toronto, Jackman Humanities Building at 9:00 AM for the Bus to the Monastery or 10 AM on site. Ends at 4 […]