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Ace of Architecture St George

Ace of Architecture (AOA) is a non-profit, multi-platform organization for architectural learning and resource sharing that emphasizes process and care. Initially, as a gathering of architecture lovers, AOA challenges the idea of architecture being only about the making and thus experiments with it as a way of thinking, talking, writing, critiquing, reflecting, and caring. What matters at AOA is the forming of architectural communities, the becoming of architects, and the making of architecture.

During its foundational years of 2018-2020, AOA has been largely active among the Chinese architecture students at the University of Toronto and formed a stronger connection between the upper-year and new students. During this period of time, AOA has produced numerous workshops, presentations, discussions, research and online publications (WeChat official account) that have helped hundreds of students transition into an architectural way of learning, improve their professional skills and find their future paths in the field. In 2020, AOA launched a WeChat official account under the same name of Ace of Architecture to overcome the physical restriction due to the pandemic and has brought an even greater student community together with the same objective. The WeChat account has published various articles on faculty introduction, professional interviews, undergrad study planning tips, and student research projects.

The AOA Universe of today is divided into the four Chambers of Facts, Tea Party, Competition, and Hypothesis. The Facts Chamber consolidates and iterates productions from the foundational years, centering on the more practical information of university courses, systems, resources, and career planning, run by first-and second-year students. The Tea Party Chamber preserves the tradition of gathering of architecture lovers from universities across North America and Europe in the form of weekly presentations and critiques on current work and research. The Competition Chamber is led by upper-year and grad students to participate in architectural competitions and learn from experience. The Hypothesis Chamber extends into the metaphysical value of architecture and the more daring and challenging topics through researching and writing on architectural history and theory.

AOA is the room of requirement for architecture students, where they bring what they can offer and take away what they need, all of which are for the collective they are forming, for the individuals they are becoming, and for the architecture, they are making.

Group Administration

Primary Contact

Haoran Gong Founder

Administrative Officers

Ming Yin President Yujia (Gigi) Qi Vice President

Other Executive Members

Ming Yin President Yujia (Gigi) Qi Vice President (Marketing) Baoying (Bowin) Lou Vice President (Content) Haoran Gong Supervisor

Group Expires:

September 30, 2024 11:59 pm

Last Updated:

September 14, 2023 2:32 pm


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