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AIESEC Toronto St George

As the largest international student-run organization in the world, AIESEC aims to promote global understanding through leadership development and international exchange.

Our Global Internship Program provides over 20,000 students and recent graduates with the challenging opportunity to live and work in a foreign country in the areas of management, information technology, education and development.

Our 100,000+ active members worldwide have the opportunity to develop their professional and leadership skills, gain an international perspective, and expand their personal network.

Our 1,000,000+ alumni include Nobel Peace Prize winners, heads of state and prominent organization leaders.

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Group Administration

Primary Contact

Rishab Chopra Local Committee President

Administrative Officers

Easha Afrin Vice President of Outgoing Exchange (UTSC) Gia Khanh Luong Vice President of Talent Management

Other Executive Members

Bruce Zhang Vice President of Outgoing Exchange (UTSG) Kate Dalziel Vice President of Outgoing Exchange (UTM) Tansy Liang Vice President of Outgoing Exchange (UTSC) Anni Lian Vice President of Finance Rayden Lin Vice President of Incoming Exchange

Group Expires:

September 30, 2024 11:59 pm

Last Updated:

October 19, 2023 4:52 pm


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