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Astronomy Union (AU) St George

The Astronomy Union (AU) is the official course union for all full-time undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts & Science (St. George campus) enrolled in an astronomy course and/or in an astronomy POSt. We focus on facilitating the communication between students and the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics and hope to build a secure community via our shared love for astronomy.

Some of the events we’ve run in the past were: themed movie nights, workshops, academic seminars, and information sessions about graduate schools and internships in the field, as well as joint social collaborations with the Physics Students’ Union (PhySU), the Mathematics Union (MU), or the Astronomy and Space Exploration Society (ASX). One of our most long-lived events is the biweekly “tAUlks” that we organize to provide undergraduate students with a safe space to discover and share scientific articles.

You do not need to be a member of the union to participate in our events, but membership is required in order to hold an executive position or vote in elections and referenda.

Group Administration

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sachd154 Vice President of Communications

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Ethan Shore President Gurman Sachdeva Vice President of Communications

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November 19, 2023 2:59 am


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