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Electrical and Computer Engineering Club St George

During the year, the Computer Engineering Club, along with ElectricalnEngineering Club, has fun activities to counteract even the most severencases of study sickness. We hold Smokers and Movie Nights throughout thenyear and beginning with last year we have been able to present to you thenNEW Common Room where you can come anytime to relax, play foosball or Xboxngames or sit on one of our five leather sofas. Our classic November DinnernDance is the perfect opportunity to show your dancing and socializingnskills, and our infamous annual Chariot Race is the time when all ECEsngather to defend our department’s honour in armour and tractor grease. Wenalso have an annual Ski Trip which is tons of fun. Last but not least, thensenior years’ field trips to Ottawa and Montreal will never let you forgetnwhat partying with your friends is all about!

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Sam Chowdhury ECE Club Communications Director

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June 19, 2023 12:48 pm


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