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Harmonix UTM

Our club acts mainly as a gathering for music-lovers. We can help you escape from your busy life of study and immerse yourself into a musical world. We provide a community for students to meet and interact with other students from different musical backgrounds, and provide them with a medium to pursue all recreational activities related to music and other forms of art (e.g., photography, painting, graphic design, animation, etc.). We promote the appreciation of all genres of music for students. Students can explore various different music styles such as pop, funk, rock&roll, R&B, and numerous others with no limitations. We hope to provide an environment where music: our universal language, can be a means of bringing students of any and all backgrounds together.

Group Administration

Primary Contact

Maha Khalid Co-President

Administrative Officers

Maha Khalid Co-President Maha Khalid President Daniel Arceo Vice President

Other Executive Members

Vicky Chen VP of Events Daphne Arguelles VP of Finance

Areas of Interest:

Group Expires:

September 30, 2023

Last Updated:

February 7, 2023 05:04 pm


No events exist for this group.


No opportunities exist for this group.