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Hart House Camera Club St George

What’s in a picture? Anyone can take a photo, but understanding photography as a powerful tool to communicate can truly change the world. At the Hart House Camera Club, we believe a solid grounding in photographic techniques is only one part of creating compelling images that communicate volumes. A subtle medium, photography is endlessly flexible in meeting your needs to create, express, witness, or simply just have some fun. So, clearly, there’s a lot in a picture and that includes you.

In addition to offering darkroom facilities to develop and process film, HHCC also provides a wide variety of photography courses designed to improve skills and deepen photography as a creative practice. Take a class, improve your skills, discover your talent, and share with other photography lovers.

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Sasa Rajsic Staff Advisor

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Sasa Rajsic Staff Advisor Sasa Rajsic Integrated Arts Education Coordinator Victoria Kourtis Executive Assistant, Programs & Communications

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