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Hart House Student Social Justice Committee St George, UTM, UTSC

The mission of the Hart House Social Justice Committee is to raise awareness of social justice issues through proactive engagement in partnerships, networks and the student body as a whole. We seek to facilitate deep dialogue based around awareness, appreciation, and action into the lives of individuals and communities within and around the University of Toronto. Through broad-based programmes that engage to the entire student body, we aim to introduce many different issues and opportunities for participation around Social Justice. Our events are free, accessible and secular.

 Sustainability
 Equity
 International and Community Development
 Empowerment through Education

The Hart House Social Justice Committee (SJC) is dedicated to raising awareness about social and environmental issues by hosting events that provide an open forum for members of on- and off-campus social justice groups to meet and collaborate. SJC values involve equity, activism and action. The primary purpose of the SJC is to connect students and community members to opportunities for education and participation, and to encourage involvement in social justice projects. The SJC seeks to provide accessible and creative ways to learn about a range of social justice issues.

Programming includes:
– Social Justice Awareness Week provides programming that encourages involvement and reaches out to groups doing work in areas of social justice
– Workshops and Coffee Houses explore how to deal with a range of social issues affecting our community
– Community Kitchens bring student community members together to learn how to prepare nutritious meals while expanding their knowledge of food-related social justice issues

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Group Administration

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Administrative Officers

Sako Khederlarian Coordinator, Learning & Community Victoria Kourtis Executive Assistant, Programs & Communications

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