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Health, Law and Business Association at UTM UTM

The purpose of HLBA UTM is to advocate and educate students on both the individual as well as the interconnecting aspects of all three fields of health, law, and business. It is our vision to be able to increase the diversity of students in the employment field by educating them about all three programs, and their respective academic and career pathways, as well as providing a wider variety of career paths that are interconnected within these three major programs/fields.

We aim to fulfill this vision by providing educational resources on both the individual as well as the interconnected pathways that are found in each field, as well as providing interactive resources with alumni, and professors, as well as larger-scale interactive events such as workshops, conferences, and online interviews.

Group Administration

Primary Contact

Izma Iqbal President

Administrative Officers

Izma Iqbal President Rameen Yousaf Vice President

Other Executive Members

Eiman Alam Secretary/VP of Events Shabieh Husain VP Internal Hadeel Rashed VP of Research Aisha Tajvar VP Internal Jean Dizon VP of Events Quratulaine Hamid Secretary Pariza Qamruzzaman VP of Events Manaal Fatima VP of Marketing Ibrahim Shahid VP of Designs Taha Azeem VP of Communications Dominique Marcado VP of Research Neshmia Khan VP of Designs Malak Ismael VP of Marketing Kavya Mahajan VP of Communications Aishat Abdulrazaq VP of Communications Adil Rana VP Internal Fareeha Siddiqui Treasurer Tayyib Alvi Associate Hasan Khan Co Vice President Mustafa Kamran Sponsorship Associate Saad Khan Vice President of Research Maria Kamran Vice President of Social Media and Marketing Irvanbir Gill Vice President of Social Media and Marketing Mohammed Al-Hassan Associate

Group Expires:

October 1, 2024 3:59 am

Last Updated:

January 25, 2024 9:02 am


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