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Medical Radiation Sciences Society (MRSS) St George

The Society organizes a wide variety of student events and is concerned with both academic and non-academic aspects of student life.
The Society promotes inter-professionalism among healthcare students and professionals through community involvement (charity fundraisers), participation in U of T activities (sports, clubs), and informing others about our respective programs (mentoring, academic seminars).


Services and Activities

– Involved in how YOUR Graduation is conducted, Graduation Photos, Graduation Formal/Trip;
– Mentoring/Tutoring;
– CPR/First Aid Certification for Clinicals and Board Exam;
– Class Composites to get to know your peers;
– Subsidized Events (e.g. Ski Trip, Casino Trips, etc.);
– Inter/Intraprofessional Events in the Medical Radiation Sciences field;
– Planned Intramural Events at U of T (e.g. Sports teams, Instructional classes, etc.);
– Text Book Exchange Program;
– Mock Practicals and CAMRT Exam Preparation;
– Involvement in Orientation at U of T;
– Relevant Volunteer (e.g. global volunteer trips) and Job Opportunities (e.g. clinical contacts);
– Housing Resources for 3rd Year Placements;
– Charity and Fundraising Events (e.g. Cuts for Cancer, Terry Fox Run, etc.);
– MRS Website with bulletin board, announcement page, and activity calendar;
– And much more

Group Administration

Primary Contact

Jaden Bardens President

Administrative Officers

Jaden Bardens President Charlotte White Vice President of Administration

Other Executive Members

Michael Ryu Vice President of Finance

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Last Updated:

June 16, 2023 2:06 pm


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