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Not Just Tourists University Of Toronto Chapter (NJT) St George

Our project is about love. Through the work of volunteers, we aspire to:

  • Change the way people travel and start the journey for ordinary tourists to become humanitarians
  • Prevent the waste of usable medical supplies and get them to those in most need

Not Just Tourists was founded with the purpose of getting medical supplies to those who can’t afford them. Ordinary tourists are given the means to change the lives of the locals they visit. After seeing first-hand the serious lack of medical supplies in Cuba in 1990, Dr. Ken Taylor and his wife Denise—from St. Catharines, Ontario—started taking medical supplies to remote areas in Cuba. Soon others who were traveling to Cuba began approaching them to take medical supplies too, and the Not Just Tourists phenomenon started.

Since it’s inception 30 years ago, NJT has spread to chapters across the world, with over 10,000 suitcases and 1,000,000+ lbs of medical supplies and equipment delivered to 82 countries.

Not Just Tourists receives donations from Canada’s largest hospitals, clinics, medical suppliers and individuals. The supplies donated are typically gauze, bandages, surgical instruments, masks, gloves, antiseptics, IV kits, urinary supplies and birthing kits. The supplies are packed by volunteers into suitcases during weekly “packing parties”. Travellers sign up and are given the suitcases to deliver to remote clinics where they are needed. The project does not accept funding, is non-political, non-religious. Everything is accomplished through volunteers.

Our Values:
We Are Collaborative
We Are Transparent
We Are Non-Bureaucratic
We Are Committed
We Are Inclusive
The Project Is About Love

Group Administration

Primary Contact

Artemis Sadeghi CO-PRESIDENT

Administrative Officers

Artemis Sadeghi CO-FOUNDER Soorena Nazemi CO-FOUNDER

Other Executive Members

Artemis Sadeghi Co-president Soorena Nazemi Co-president

Group Expires:

September 30, 2024 11:59 pm

Last Updated:

October 11, 2023 3:35 pm


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