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Open Praxis Forum (OPF) UTSC

OpenPraxisForum (OPF) is a platform created by and for students hosted on the Humanities Commons network; an open access and open source network made for building interdisciplinary connections and increasing the impact of one’s work. In line with these technical values, OPF is headed by a team of early career researchers and knowledge creators aiming to mobilize and amplify students’ work, and modify the seemingly exclusionary landscape of academia. As such, OPF prioritizes decolonial, reflexive, consensual, diverse, and caring knowledge-creation practices. OPF’s work involves collaborating with faculty to incorporate collaborative, creative, and reflexive practices in their courses, working with students to amplify their work on our website and platform, seeking researcher work submissions, and hosting interactive events to learn from and with one another.

  • Our mission is to create an accessible and inclusive space for knowledge creators to safely and collaboratively share their work and seek feedback from their colleagues and peers. We aim to consciously and critically integrate ethical and consensual research practices within our work. Additionally, we aim to promote transparency in the research process as well as holistic accessibility.
  • Our vision is that an online publication forum (i.e. the OPF website) which values early-career researchers’ knowledge expressions will foster a sense of belonging and community that is shaped by and for early-career researchers. We want to highlight and celebrate learning experiences, failures, successes, and creativity. Moreover, we hope to inspire all early career researchers to continually ask themselves why they do the work they do and how they can benefit their communities through action-oriented work.

Group Administration

Primary Contact

Haven Townsend Director of Publications

Administrative Officers

Celeste Gutierrez Director of Events Leen Chanouha Publications Team Member

Other Executive Members

Haven Townsend Director of Publications Nathaniel Luces Director of Publications Leen Chanouha Publications Team Member Celeste Gutierrez Director of Events Richard Li Events Team Member Shreya Varma Director of Communications Caitlin Lawrence Director of Finance

Areas of Interest:

Group Expires:

September 30, 2024 11:59 pm

Last Updated:

September 12, 2023 2:26 pm


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