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Science Rendezvous St George

Science Rendezvous (SR) – University of Toronto St. George is a non-profit, student-run organization that hosts Canada’s largest public outreach festival, attracting over 30,000 attendees annually. SR is made possible through our partnership with over 30 of Canada’s top universities and research institutions, along with the collaboration of over 50 university-affiliated departments, labs, hospitals, and organizations. Most importantly, SR aims to promote S.T.E.A.M (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) awareness by providing an opportunity for Toronto youth to be inspired by science through tours, demonstrations, experiments and other hands-on activities run by over 500 U of T undergraduate and graduate students.

Group Administration

Primary Contact

Alyssa Yang Co-Director

Administrative Officers

Alyssa Yang Co-Director Leanna Smith Co-Director

Other Executive Members

Jonathan Wu Executive Willow Squires Executive Claudia Leung Executive Zoyeb Ehsan Executive Lilly Zhao Executive Franco Miguel Valencia Executive Alejandro Izquierdo Lopez Executive Zhuyi Wang Executive Shine Huang Executive Aparna Haldar Executive Amel Sassi Executive Helen Lee Executive Mina Ouldnoughi Executive Athanasios Litsios Executive Chris Situ Executive Yuying Chen Executive Sophia Feng Executive Rui Geng Li (Tony) Executive Rachel Leung Executive Eilene Su Executive Rees Hughes Executive Darshil Patel Executive Vaibhav Bedi Executive Ira Nagpal Executive Karan Ishii Executive Presley McMillan Executive Hong Ru Chen Executive Nour Ghanem Executive Tracy Thong Executive Alisha Imtiaz Executive Julia Turner Executive Kumal Udamulla Executive Rahim Kassam-Suleman Executive Chris Cheung Executive Liz Lo Executive Carrie He Executive Bernardus Aditya Executive Andy Vu Executive Jenny Wu Executive Jean Tang Executive Leo Xu Executive

Group Expires:

September 30, 2023 11:59 pm

Last Updated:

June 19, 2023 12:27 pm


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