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SMILE St George

The purpose of this club is to engage students, faculty, and other members of our community in activities that will increase the wellness of their mental health. The club wishes to modify how mental health is treated and change the points of view from which individuals look at it from. We wish to be a part of the forces in our community that are trying to break the stigma surrounding mental health disorders. SMILE strives to educate individuals on their mental health and how they can amplify their mental endurance. Education on these subjects will be done through seminars by guest speakers, workshops, and special activities to improve mental wellness (e.g. group game nights, exercises, study nights, etc.). This club hopes to take initiative in helping students build larger social circles by joining the SMILE family. This will ensure a healthier mindset through the school year for students. The motto of this club is Sincerity, Mental health, Inclusivity, Liberty, and Education. It shall be practiced through the aforementioned.

Group Administration

Primary Contact

Claire Birch Co-president

Administrative Officers

Claire Birch Co-president Isabel Cooke Co-president

Other Executive Members

Group Expires:

October 1, 2025 3:59 am

Last Updated:

May 14, 2024 4:05 pm


No events exist for this group.


No opportunities exist for this group.