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Undergraduate Pharmacy Society (UPS) St George

The Undergraduate Pharmacy Society (UPS) is an organization run by the students for the students. As a pharmacy student, you are automatically a member of this society. UPS links all four classes together, as well as the faculty staff. Our mission is to “promote social, athletic, and professional activities to the undergraduate pharmacy student for the purpose of enhancing the educational experience at this faculty”.

Group Administration

Primary Contact

Al-amin Ahamed President

Administrative Officers

Al-amin Ahamed President Adam Da Costa Gomes Executive Secretary

Other Executive Members

Christine Tan Past President Al-amin Ahamed President Rachel Ma Vice-President Adam Da Costa Gomes Executive Secretary Nickalos Narine Finance Co-Director Mack Richardson Finance Co-Director Vidish Upadhyay Events Co-Director Matthew Jokel Events Co-Director Cindy Wang Senior External Affairs Daniel Lamontagne-Kam Junior External Affairs Jonathan Platt Senior Athletics Hamza Farah Junior Athletics Joham Ahmad Monograph Co-Editor Ruba Ullah Monograph Co-Editor Prima Zhao Pharmakon Co-Editor Yuji Choi Pharmakon Co-Editor Joy Wang Marketing Co-Director Hitisha Solanki Marketing Co-Director Joy Wu Webmaster Quoc-Huy Pham Speaker Theodora Udouwna Senior CAPSI Ayman Lakhani Junior CAPSI Samra Ghazi UTSU Rep Chelsea Alder 2T3 Class Council President Sabih Jamil 2T3 Class Council Vice-President Stephanie Rosenbaum 2T4 Class Council President Clara Dai 2T4 Class Council Vice-President Leeya Wilson 2T5 Class Council President Ubaid Ur-Rehman 2T5 Class Council Vice-President

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Last Updated:

June 19, 2023 12:48 pm


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