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University of Toronto Japan Network St George

University of Toronto Japan Network aims to make a stimulating environment that will encourage ambitious U of T associated individuals to discover and stimulate each other in the form of new ideas, future paths, passions and interests. It also will aim to build “a strong interlinking network of U of T students”. Our ultimate goal is to spread awareness of University of Toronto in Japan and become the most exceptional network of bilingual students in North America
*U of T = St. George, Mississauga, Scarborough Campus

To fulfil our mission, These are the actions we take:
1. Torontonians: This is an exhibition in the form of a Website for University of Toronto associated individuals to share personal stories and express themselves, and to acknowledge and explore hidden talents of other fellow University of Toronto associated individuals.
2. Social Events: Opportunity for University of Toronto associated individuals to re-discover and reunite in a de-stressing format.
3. Career/ Recruitment Events: Opportunity for current Japanese – Bilingual University of Toronto Students to get an insight to job hunting for multinational/domestic corporations in Japan. There are different type of events, such as Firm information sessions, recruitment sessions, networking sessions, and Job hunting seminars, held on St George Campus.

Group Administration

Primary Contact

Makoto Takahara President

Administrative Officers

Yoshikazu Matsuda President Taichi Miura President

Other Executive Members

Shu Emoto Finance Signing Officer Mai Toyoda Finance Signing Officer

Group Expires:

September 30, 2024 11:59 pm

Last Updated:

October 3, 2023 10:07 am


No events exist for this group.


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