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University of Toronto Toastmasters Student Chapter St George

University of Toronto Toastmasters (UTT) is a club that is aimed at creating a supportive environment where anyone can improve their public speaking and leadership skills. The club began in 2004, beginning life as University of Toronto Engineering Toastmasters.

Since then, UTT has expanded to help hundreds of students and professionals alike rise above their fears, realize their dreams, grow into incredible speakers, and live as stronger leaders.

Currently, our club meets for regular meetings once a week, where members present and give feedback on prepared and impromptu speeches. We also plan special events several times per semester, for instance, promotional open houses and speaking competitions.

All members enjoy the benefits of the various opportunities to speak during meetings and meet new people. Members also have the chance to pay for access to Toastmasters International’s Pathways, an education programme with different “paths” for members to hone different aspects of their public speaking.

The club is very proud of the environment it creates, one that is supportive and positive, with peer evaluations focused on collective growth.

Group Administration

Primary Contact

Adham Ragab President

Administrative Officers

Makoto Takahara Sergeant-At-Arms Adham Ragab President

Other Executive Members

Saron Nigusie Treasurer Tan Lin Secretary Adham Ragab President Makoto Takahara Sergeant-At-Arms Samantha Dudra VP Membership Jason Jiang VP Education Arlene Wang VP Public Relations

Group Expires:

September 30, 2024 11:59 pm

Last Updated:

December 1, 2023 5:01 pm


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