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Troitsky Bridge Building Team St George

Troitsky Bridge Building is an engineering design team that creates bridges to compete at Concordia University’s annual Troitsky Bridge Building Competition.

This event is held in Montreal and consists of testing model bridges under a hydraulic press, developing structural analysis reports, drafting and recommending applications in a real-world setting. Participating teams come from engineering programs across Canada and the US.

Within our school, multiple teams participate each year, providing many students with the opportunity of competition experience. In addition to participating in the competition, we host many workshops and events to improve our understanding of the competition elements. These efforts have resulted in our school winning 1st place for the last three years.

Troitsky is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in structural engineering, construction, project management and design, regardless of their background knowledge.

Group Administration

Primary Contact

Martina Mikhaiel Managing Director

Administrative Officers

Martina Mikhaiel Managing Director Nora Tawfiq Logistics Director

Other Executive Members

Martina Mikhaiel Managing Director Israel Castro Managing Director Zaina Nofal Finance Director Justin Kim Construction Director Negin Soltanghorkhaneh Construction Director Asim Ahmed Design Director Nikola Risic Design Director Farwa Shahzad Communications Director Sydney Quach Communications Director Nora Tawfiq Logistics Director

Group Expires:

September 30, 2024 11:59 pm

Last Updated:

September 18, 2023 10:21 am


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