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Vertige Investment Group St George

At the Vertige Investment Group (VIG), we believe that proactivity is paramount to excellence. That is why our research is focused on combining traditional analysis and innovative strategies in an effort to bridge the gap between today and tomorrow.

Founded in 2024, the Vertige Investment Group is a University of Toronto-based student organization dedicated to publishing industry-grade macroeconomic and equity market insights, alongside the development of artificial intelligence-driven quantitative strategies and algorithmic trading models. Sustainability is emphasized through environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, in an effort to ensure that our world tomorrow is just as bright as our world today. The Vertige Investment Group’s Analyst Program is an annual initiative focused on turning passionate and ambitious students into competent, highly specialized analysts in their respective fields. Graduates of the Analyst Program will be offered a position in Vertige Research where their work will be published through Vertige Investment Group’s public channels.

Finally, Vertige Investment Group is the manager of The Vertige Fund, a private investment portfolio focused on applying the group’s strategies and research in capturing alpha through relative value-based approaches.

Group Administration

Primary Contact

George Runoff Co-President

Administrative Officers

George Runoff Co-President Braden Keil Co-President

Other Executive Members

Gaspard Vandenbulcke Treasurer Ruhi Sharma Vice President

Group Expires:

October 1, 2025 3:59 am

Last Updated:

May 15, 2024 4:02 pm


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