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Recognized Student Group

  • Innis Garden Club

    Innis Garden Club is open to all UofT students who want to contribute to a blooming project of sustainability happening on campus. Located at Innis College, the Innis Garden aims […]

  • University of Toronto Shogi Club

    Given the scarcity of Shogi players in English-speaking regions, we are establishing a Shogi club at the University of Toronto with three bold objectives in mind. Firstly, we plan to […]

  • Competitive Poker Club

    The primary objective of the University of Toronto Competitive Poker Club is to organize and oversee competitive poker tournaments throughout the UofT campus. Our ultimate aim is to enhance the […]

  • By People In Toronto (BYTO)

    ‘By People In Toronto’ is a undergraduate journal demonstrating students relationship with the city. This journal showcases different Torontoian perspectives and stories, divided by chapters named after different Toronto districts, […]

  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Students’ Association (AMSA)

    AMSA aims to spread the true, peaceful message of Islam, dispel misconceptions, promote interfaith dialogue, and provide support to its members.  Our motto is “Love for all, hatred for none.” […]

  • University of Toronto Mississauga Policy Analysis Club (UTM PAC)

    Seeking to create a student led space where members can gain valuable experience in the field of policy analysis, the UTM Policy Analysis Club provides an opportunity for members to […]

  • Film Therapy Club

    The purpose, objectives, mission and/or mandate of the Film Therapy Club is to provide an environment for the discussion of different films and their potential psychological impacts. 

  • University of Toronto Football (Soccer) Club (UTFC)

    This is a community of football (soccer) fans and enthusiasts where we organize a variety of football related games and events. We will gather in social outings to watch significant […]

  • Professional and Graduate Hindu Students Association

    The Professional and Graduate Hindu Students Association (PGHSA) is a vibrant and inclusive community dedicated to empowering Hindu students pursuing higher education and professional pathways. Our group serves as a […]

  • Ontario Association for Undergraduate Research (OAUR)

    The Undergraduate Association for Undergraduate Research (OAUR) grants undergraduate students access to research opportunities, scholarly writing workshops, and to use the works of undergraduate publications to educate the general public […]