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2023-2024 Executive Hiring UTSC

About Us

The University of Toronto Hong Kong Student Club (UTHKSC) is a student-led club with over 100 members, and is growing rapidly. UTHKSC was established in 1994, formerly named Scarborough Campus Chinese Club (SCCC), and was later renamed in 2017 to the present name. We organize events and gatherings every month, aiming to connect students who came all the way from Hong Kong together, and promote Hong Kong culture.

Joining our club executive team offers numerous benefits, including leadership development, networking, skill enhancement, and resume building. It provides a platform to contribute, grow personally, and foster teamwork. You can gain experience in event planning, expand your horizons, and form lasting connections. The roles allows for creative expression, recognition, and learning beyond the classroom. Being part of a club executive can definitely enrich your university experience!



Work includes the development and implementation of relevant systems, daily office affairs management, document data management, venue rental, communication with school departments and student unions, and conference management. Various logistical and administrative treatments to improve the efficiency of the student union to help complete the activities of UTHKSC.


Responsible for all kinds of activities in our community. For example, orientation day, semi-formal dinner, cottage trip, etc. The event team is the producer of our club activities. Every detail and outline of the event is carefully planned by our event team, so students may enjoy our amazing events. 


Manage and oversee all financial transactions of UTHKSC, allowing us to ensure we have the resources to operate normally, and provide the best experience for our members. 


Responsible for the management of social media in our community, communicating with different student institutions and organizations through social media. Through social media, we will publish the latest information about the Hong Kong student community. 


Responsible for communicating with different student organizations and institutions, primarily to promote relationships with other university student organizations, as well as connecting us to businesses for membership benefits.

Apply here before 30th Sept: