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Volunteer for Haunted Campus Ghost Tours! St George

Can you see yourself walking through the hallowed halls and darkened streets in creepy (and classy) Victorian outfits re-telling the stories of ghosts of UofT past? Then, welcome to the ghost tours!

Tours will be taking place on October 26, 27, and 28. Volunteers must be available from 5 pm – 8:30 pm.

The Ghost Tours by the UofT Students History Collective is our annual fundraising event where we guide a group of people (students, staff, general Toronto public) through the most thrilling haunted stories at UofT. In order to make this experience enjoyable we require some volunteers! Please sign up to be:

a) A storyteller: leads the narrative through each college. They must have a good grasp of storytelling, will need to memorize the given script (you can change things around as long as the main plot points of the story remains), needs to be engaging and just the right amount of creepy (by that we mean, veryyyy creepy)
b) A tour guide: navigates the audience through the campus as they take in the Gothic architectures and the stories behind them and help in aiding foot traffic.

c) An extra: dress up as a ghost and haunt campus, scaring guests and bringing our tours to life!
Sign up: