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Renew Student Group Recognition

When a student group is recognized by the University, that recognition remains in effect until September 30 of the following academic year, as outlined by the Policy on the Recognition of Student Groups.

Groups that wish to renew their recognition should do so before September 30 in order to prevent any interruption to their free or discounted use of University facilities and meeting spaces and so they may continue to use the University’s name (if applicable). Continued maintenance of email accounts and University web space, use of temporary office space, and access to other services and resources also require that groups renew their recognition in a timely manner.

The Renewal Period

The renewal period begins on the May 1 that precedes your group’s recognition expiration date. From this date until your group has requested renewal of University recognition, the Primary Contact of your group can begin the renewal process by logging in and clicking on the Edit Group button on your group’s public profile page. If your group has not been renewed by September 30, a reminder banner will appear on your group’s public profile page, the Edit Group button will become the Renew Group button, and your group will be removed from the groups listing.

Requesting Renewal of Your Group’s University Recognition

During the renewal period, student group’s Primary Contact can request renewal of the group’s University recognition by going to the group’s public profile page (which can be found in the groups listing) and following these steps:

  1. Click on the Group Leader Login button to sign in with your UTORid and password
  2. Once you’ve logged in, click on the Edit Group button
  3. Update the group’s executive members and general information, upload the group’s updated constitution (if applicable), and click the Submit Update for Approval button at the bottom of the form
  4. The staff members on your campus will review your group’s renewal request

Please keep in mind that receiving a response may take some time. The staff members on your campus receive a high volume of renewal requests during the months of August and September, which may result in increased processing times and a delayed response time to inquiries. Please be patient, a staff member will contact you when your group’s renewal request is being reviewed. Renewal requests are reviewed in order of the submission date.

Requesting Access for a New Primary Contact

If the Primary Contact listed on your group’s public profile page is no longer with the group, please provide the name, U of T email address (e.g.,, and UTORid of the new Primary Contact to the staff members on your campus in order to regain access to your group.

Student Organizations Without Recognition Expiration Dates

Student societies, academic societies at UTM, course unions on the St. George campus, departmental student associations at UTSC, affiliates of student societies, and Hart House clubs and committees are not required to seek University recognition as they are recognized by other policies and processes. As such, these student organizations do not expire, do not need to be renewed, and will not see a Renew Group button on their group’s public profile page.

However, these student organizations are responsible for keeping their information on the Student Organization Portal up-to-date and are encouraged to review the instructions on how to edit their group information.