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Social Justice & Advocacy

  • Women’s Healthy Environment Network Club (WHEN)

    WHEN Club is a student group, affiliated with Women’s Healthy Environments Network (WHEN).  Established in 1994 as a Toronto-based non-profit organization, WHEN has served as a trusted source of credible […]

  • University of Toronto’s Black Psychology Student Association

    At its core, the University of Toronto’s Black Psychology Student Association is dedicated to increasing the visibility of the field of psychology to Black students, who are currently pursuing psychology […]

  • VAW Global UTSC Student Chapter

    Volunteers Around the World is a student-run organization that serves to advance interest in the field of medicine through the philanthropic promotion of health in countries worldwide. Our focus is […]

  • Philosophy of Technology Group (PoTG)

    What is a philosophy of Technology? What is technology, or as some may equivalently ask, what is the essence of technology? What has been our historical relation to technology? How […]

  • OtherWise e-Magazine for Racialized and Marginalized Women

    OtherWise e-Magazine for Racialized and Marginalized Women is dedicated to amplifying the voices of racialized and marginalized women at the University of Toronto. Our overarching mission is to provide a […]

  • NSBE Hacks 2024

    Passionate about driving meaningful change and improving the welfare of communities around the city? Join 250+ bright individuals in building innovative solutions to these pressing challenges. 🌍✨ Sign up at […]

  • Free Documentary Screening—Letter from Masanjia

    An Oregon woman finds an SOS message from a Chinese dissident in a package of Halloween decorations from Kmart, setting off a chain of events that would shut down the […]

  • Ananda Marga Yoga Club

    The purpose of Ananda Marga Yoga club is to make yoga and meditation practices accessible to students of any religious, cultural, ethnic, national or any other background. In AMYC, we […]

  • Philosophers for Humanity

    Philosophers for Humanity is an organisation that aims to combine theory with practise to effect philanthropic change through a philosophical lens. In combining philosophy and philanthropy, we hope to raise […]

  • University of Toronto Psychedelic Club (UTPC)

    The University of Toronto Psychedelic club exists to support advocacy efforts, foster academic discourse, spark new research projects and build community within the emerging field of psychedelic medicine. As a […]