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Grenville Island St George

Hailing from the heart of the University of Toronto, Granville Island, commonly known by its acronym GVI, stands as a testament to the universality of music. Bridging cultures and languages, this unique ensemble delves into a harmonious blend of Japanese, Chinese, and English cover songs, presenting a fusion of Eastern melodies with Western rhythms. GVI is not just a band; it’s a club, a community, a movement.

The diverse instrument ensemble is a reflection of GVI’s eclectic spirit. Every instrument plays a pivotal role, from the sax and trumpet’s soulful echoes to the keyboard’s intricate melodies to the bass guitar’s foundational beats. The classical guitar adds a touch of timeless grace, while the electric guitar infuses modern energy. The drums and tambon tie the ensemble together with their rhythmic heartbeat.

GVI isn’t just about music; it’s about unity in diversity, celebrating different cultures under the universal banner of song. Whether you’re looking for soul-stirring performances or a community that shares a passion for multicultural music, Granville Island is where melodies find their home. Join us, and be part of this harmonious journey.

Group Administration

Primary Contact

Leo Kaixuan Cheng President

Administrative Officers

Leo Kaixuan Cheng President Yizhuo Liu Vice-President

Other Executive Members

Leo Kaixuan Cheng President Yizhuo(Leo) Liu Vice-President Ryan Chenxian Sun Secretary Haochen (Thomas) Li Human Resource Aaron Yuan Long Su Treasurer

Group Expires:

October 1, 2024 3:59 am

Last Updated:

January 5, 2024 4:11 pm


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