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Insert Channel Name (ICN) St George

Interested in Korean culture? Do you want to get involved in a fun, tight-knit group where you can learn, educate, and promote your background? Welcome to ICN, a place where we connect your culture to ours. We are a group of individuals who have the primary aim of bridging various cultures together to create a more harmonious community at the University of Toronto. From making YouTube videos around campus to hosting events that give you a taste of Korea at the heart of Toronto, we hope to create new memories and connections that will guide us through our university journey.

ICN is a very close-knit community; using the same acronyms as the Korean Incheon Airport (ICN), we hope to work as a bridge to connect the Korean community to various cultures. One of the biggest challenges a Korean student faces when first encountering the UofT community is the diversity of the cultures. It’s not easy to blend in when you have been exposed to one culture your whole life. We aim to resolve this issue by encouraging Korean students to share their cultures and blend into the melting pot.

As part of our activities, we organize events that can help harmonize different cultures and create content videos to upload on youtube.

Group Administration

Primary Contact

Joohyeon Park Vice President Operations and Marketing

Administrative Officers

Taeeun Park Vice President Outreach and Logistics Yoonjong Kang President

Other Executive Members

Lynn Esther Lee Logistics Public Relations Executive Soyoung Cho Marketing Software Design Director Hyun Bin Antonio Kim Marketing Software Developing Director Minseo Song Logistics Events Director Woosuk Chun Logistics Public Relations Director Jungyun Lee Logistics Finance Director Brianna Lee Marketing Videography Executive Soo Lee Design Marketing Executive Chae Ha Kim Research Marketing Executive Jaehyeong Jang Marketing Software Developing Executive Heechan Jun Logistics Events Executive Elizabeth Yeram Kim Logistics Events Executive Jongyoon Back Logistics Public Relations Executive

Areas of Interest:

Group Expires:

September 30, 2024 11:59 pm

Last Updated:

October 3, 2023 10:29 am


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