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Middle Eastern Students’ Association UTM

1) To serve and assist as an umbrella organization for the many clubs of Middle Eastern origin or those who relate to the Middle East in anyway.

2) To promote and spread an overall atmosphere of “unity, fun and progress” throughout the University of Toronto Mississauga and within the communities of the GTA.

3) To provide services for students and student clubs of Middle Eastern origin to assist in the further perpetuation of their club goals, values and culture. That help further celebrates the diversity of this region that they represent On-Campus.

4) To service, mediate and offer a platform for all Middle Eastern communities to express themselves on campus and further unite, access and organize within freely.

5) To set forth a united community that focuses on the many commonalities between the diverse people of the Middle East while embracing the differences of cultures originating from the region as well. This is to conserve the Middle Eastern social heritage, while keeping in mind the fact of staying loyal with and to the originating unifying and majority ideals and values from the Middle East. It is also to support the idea and goal that the Middle East should be represented by the people of the Middle East together. Therefore it will be this Service Organization’s overall duty to support and provide services to all members and initiatives that promote and succeed this idea and goal. MESA will also try its best to always take the mutual approach on everything with a constant attempt at a mutual understanding (and if possible neutral) but if need be MESA reserves the right to side with distinct representatives or to take a particular stance or position when presenting (on an issue, topic, or argument). This group is situated on the social and cultural cohesion of the Middle East. All members must be aware that they are bound to an organization that follows a code and supports a common goal to express, share and improve the region of their heritage; let it be on Campus or off it, in Canada or in the Middle East.

6) To strengthen, celebrate and unify the very large population of the University of Toronto Mississauga students who relate to the Middle East and the many great clubs that represent them and to serve as mediators between them. A main objective of this student group and its purpose is to serve and offer a social representation for all student clubs relating to the diverse region of the Middle East by offering a social environment and cultural hub for all university students who originate or relate to this region.

Group Administration

Primary Contact

Suhaib Aldada President Suhaib Aldada President

Administrative Officers

Suhaib Aldada President Karim Daaboul Financial Director

Other Executive Members

Noor tabbakha VP External Jana Issawi Events Coordinator Farah Abushaban Sponsorship Coordinator Yara Al Aroud Graphic Designer Youssef Ghanem Graphic Designer Salma Alami El-Halimi Creative Director Reina Abu-Amara Events Coordinator Adam Aboul Hosn VP Internal Yasmeen Sabunchi Events Coordinator Malak Elassiuty Content Creator Sam Aboul Hosn Events Coordinator

Group Expires:

September 30, 2024 11:59 pm

Last Updated:

October 25, 2023 10:43 am


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