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Middle Eastern Students’ Association St George

The group strives to provide a non-political, non-sectarian environment where students have the chance to interact with each other and the outer community.
The main objective of the group is to promote the Middle Eastern culture and traditions at the St. George campus. The group will host various social and cultural events throughout the year to achieve this goal and to maintain a sense of community on campus. Furthermore, the group will aim to support Middle Eastern students with the transition to university life and throughout the years of study. It will also strive to host fundraisers for humanitarian causes. The group further aims to get students involved by opening up volunteer positions for members to assist with the hosting of various events.

Group Administration

Primary Contact

Zinah Qadoumi President

Administrative Officers

Zinah Qadoumi President Jana Khatib Events Vice President

Other Executive Members

Zinah Qadoumi President Charif Salman Finance Vice President Rachid Tabbara Marketing Vice President Jana Khatib Events Vice President

Group Expires:

September 30, 2024 11:59 pm

Last Updated:

June 19, 2023 12:54 pm


No events exist for this group.


No opportunities exist for this group.