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VAW Global UTSC Student Chapter UTSC

Volunteers Around the World is a student-run organization that serves to advance interest in the field of medicine through the philanthropic promotion of health in countries worldwide. Our focus is to provide communities with access to medical treatment, medication, and health education while familiarizing students with real-life medical situations involving actual patients. This unique abroad experience permits students to gain invaluable first-hand knowledge of medicine and its practice in foreign countries. Our interns benefit from miscellaneous opportunities such as shadowing local physicians, traveling abroad, developing leadership skills, learning basic medical practices such as measuring patients’ vitals and honing their communication and patient management skills. It is indeed a unique opportunity for all pre-med students and all who want to pursue a career in the health sector. 

Group Administration

Primary Contact

Amirali Nikoo President

Administrative Officers

Amirali Nikoo president Jesusa Christina Malvar Marketing Director

Other Executive Members

Amirali Nikoo president

Group Expires:

October 1, 2024 3:59 am

Last Updated:

January 24, 2024 4:12 pm


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