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Vicky Eaters St George

Toronto is the heart of not just Canada but the world. By this, we mean that our city is privileged to be the world’s example of multiculturalism and diversity, the most diverse city on the planet. As Vic students situated right in the heart of downtown, we can experience the world through a way that all people connect upon: food. Food is what brings people together, and its many manners of style should be explored by our students, many of whom are international students themselves! Our club wants to help students experience Toronto’s culture and food scene in a safe and inviting environment. As residents of Toronto, it should be our mission to experience everything the city has to offer, and what better way to do so than dive right in (to eat!).

Group Administration

Primary Contact

Julia Gould Co-President

Administrative Officers

Julia Gould Co-President Maximus Caron Co-President

Other Executive Members

Julia Gould Co-President Max Caron Co-President Rachel Fry Communications and Social Media

Group Expires:

September 30, 2024 11:59 pm

Last Updated:

September 28, 2023 10:07 am


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