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  • Victoria College Athletics Association

    The VCAA organizes all the athletic activities offered by the University of Toronto intramurals program for Vic students. We also hold special events to promote an interest in athletics at […]

  • UTM AFFILIATE – Sexual Education & Peer Support Centre

    UTM SEC offers a number of free and confidential services to students of U of T at Mississauga. The services currently offered include: phone-in service, one-to-one peer counselling, library services, […]

  • UTM AFFILIATE – Erindale College Special Response Team (ECSpeRT)

    The Erindale College Special Response Team (ECSpeRT) is a Campus Response division of St John Ambulance, providing Medical First Responder first aid coverage to special events in and around campus. […]

  • The Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) – Toronto

    OPIRG-Toronto is a U of T based and entirely student-funded group with a mandate for action, education and research on issues of social and environmental justice. We are a volunteer […]

  • St. Joseph’s College House Council

    The St. Joseph’s College House Council represents the residents of the residence at the University of St. Michael’s College.

  • St. Michael’s College Residence Council

    The Men’s Residence Council (or MRC) is elected as the representative body of the men living at St Mike‚s. They co-ordinate the annual athletic tournaments and plan various social events […]

  • Sexual Education Centre

    SEC’s mission is to provide supplies, information, resources, and educational programming to the greater University of Toronto community, addressing any and all aspects of human sexuality, intimacy, and gender identity. […]

  • Rowell Jackman Hall Residence Council

    Rowell Jackman Hall Residence Council represents the student residents at the apartment-style co-educational residence at Vicotoria University.

  • Margaret Addison Residence Council

    MARC is a council designed to promote community within Margaret Addison nHall, by running building wide events such as pubs, hot chocolate nights, nmovies, luxery toilet paper day, and creating […]

  • Loretto College House Council

    The Loretto College House Council at the University of St. Michael’s College is elected by the students and works on their behalf to make their residence experience rewarding. Throughout the […]