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Community Service

  • University of Toronto St George IGNITE! Student Club

    UTSG IGNITE! is a club focused on providing students with an on-campus student-led group that includes but goes beyond Christian fellowship by also focusing on personal development. Though there are […]

  • Crochet for a Cause (CFC)

    Crochet for a Cause is a club aiming to celebrate textile arts and bring warmth to those in need. We craft and donate hats, gloves, scarves and more using a […]

  • Strategies for Transitioning and Excelling in Programs Student Association (STEP)

    STEP (Strategies for Transitioning and Excelling in Programs) is an initiative by a group of driven individuals within the University of Toronto St. George campus to facilitate the transition of […]

  • Skule™ Choir

    Skule™ Choir is a student-led, student-run organization that values cross-disciplinary cooperation. We seek to bridge the gap between STEM and the arts and pride ourselves as a space where students […]

  • UniReach Global (URG)

    At UniReach Global (URG), we are a student-led initiative at the University of Toronto devoted to connecting university and high school students globally. Our mission goes beyond academic guidance; we […]

  • Welfare Avenue Toronto (WAT)

    Welfare Avenue Toronto is your one-stop shop for making a difference in our community. We tackle challenges faced by those in need through four main focus: fighting hunger with healthy […]

  • Erindale Punjabi Association (EPA)

    The Erindale Punjabi Association (EPA) strives to promote the Punjabi culture, rooted in the values of inclusivity and community engagement. With a mission to celebrate and preserve the rich heritage […]

  • Pakistani-Punjabi Association (PPA)

    PPA is an organization deeply rooted in the values of cultural preservation, diversity and inclusivity as well as community engagement! Here at PPA, our mission is not to divide, but […]

  • Integrated Brain Research Club

    The Integrated Brain Research Club is dedicated to understanding and educating students on the mechanisms by which comorbid psychiatric disorders develop within our brains. By fostering a deeper comprehension of […]

  • Start2Finish UTM (S2FUTM)

    Start2Finish UTM (S2FUTM) fosters development opportunities in partnership with nonprofit organization Start2Finish (S2F). Start2Finish is a national nonprofit that works with elementary school students in over 70 communities experiencing poverty […]