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  • Fearless Voice

    Welcome to the Fearless Voice Club! We are a dynamic and inclusive group primarily focused on business students, but open to individuals from all industries. Our mission is to empower […]

  • Ask An Undergrad – UofT Student Chapter

    Ask An Undergrad (AAU)  is a national nonprofit organization committed to promoting equitable access to resources and mentorship for Canadian youth, with the ultimate goal of supporting their pursuit of […]

  • University of Toronto Mississauga Physics Club

    We aim to give physics students at the University of Toronto Mississauga a space to connect with their peers in the program as well as outside of the program to […]

  • Competitive Poker Club

    The primary objective of the University of Toronto Competitive Poker Club is to organize and oversee competitive poker tournaments throughout the UofT campus. Our ultimate aim is to enhance the […]

  • Ontario Association for Undergraduate Research (OAUR)

    The Undergraduate Association for Undergraduate Research (OAUR) grants undergraduate students access to research opportunities, scholarly writing workshops, and to use the works of undergraduate publications to educate the general public […]

  • Undergraduate Economics Council (UEC)

    The Undergraduate Economics Council (UEC) is the official award-winning academic society representing the Economics students at University of Toronto Mississauga and is affiliated with the Department of Economics. UEC’s primary […]

  • Enactus University of Toronto St. George Student Chapter

    Enactus is a network of leaders committed to using business as a catalyst for positive social and environmental impact. We educate, inspire, and support young people to use innovation and […]

  • Dear Future Medicine

    Dear Future Medicine is a youth-led organization that focuses on sharing the stories of patients and medical professionals. We conduct interviews with patients and healthcare providers and write articles on […]

  • UTM Undergraduate Research Students’ Association

    The University of Toronto offers countless research opportunities for its students, yet many remain unaware of them. The Undergraduate Research Students’ Association (URSA) is a student club dedicated to helping […]

  • UTM Correctional Service Volunteers (UTMCSV)

    UTMCSV works to assist the rehabilitation and reintegration of federal offenders into the community, through the aid of student volunteers. Volunteers will be engaged in a variety of activities; including […]