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  • Buddy program coordinator

    At gym girlies, we pair members together for workouts. We need someone to make new pairings and monitor and provide assistance to all pairings.

  • University of Toronto Scarborough’s Robotics Student Association (UTSCRoSA)

    Welcome to UTSC Robotics Society! We intend to provide a positive environment for every UTSC student to be able to participate in robotics. We are going to offer small workshops […]

  • Political Science Students’ Association

    The Political Science Students’ Association (PSSA) is the Departmental Student Association (DSA) representing political science, public policy, and public law students at the University of Toronto Scarborough. The PSSA is […]

  • Annual General Meeting 2023

    The Future Black Physicians’ Annual General Meeting is an essential gathering we host every year. It serves as a platform to rejuvenate our presence on campus, especially for our new […]

  • UTSC Golf Club (SCGC)

    UTSC’s Golf Club community is a sociable environment for all UTSC students to come join us for a season of golf. The golf community at UTSC is vastly diverse and […]

  • Students for Shelters UTSC

    Students for Shelters is a non-profit student group Co-Founded by Breanna Lakhan and Hannah Benyamin in 2019 at the University of Toronto’s St. George Campus. We seek to collect under-donated […]

  • Investment Society (IS)

    Investment Society is a finance-focused student club founded in 2008 at the University of Toronto, Scarborough. We host events that provide a high-quality education and experience for individuals interested in […]

  • Scarborough Campus Archery Club

    The purpose of Scarborough Campus Archery Club is to promote the spirit and awareness of the sport of competitive archery, as well as to encourage participation in and host a […]

  • RunningStars

    An official running club for all members of the University of Toronto Scarborough community. Runners of all paces and non-UofT students are also welcome. Weekly runs will be hosted throughout […]

  • Our Mission: Fighting Food Insecurity

    Learn about Food Insecurity in Scarborough, resources for combatting food insecurity in Scarborough, in UTSC, and how to maintain a healthy diet as a student in university. For the 2nd […]