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The Wandering Craft St George

Mission Statement of the Wandering Craft


The goal of this group is to provide a monthly anecdotal source of information, in the form of a newspaper. 


This information will be based on the group’s niche interests and passions. In this way, the Wandering Craft newspaper would be an alternative news source, a forum where people can create dialogue surrounding interests.


We will cover a wide range of topics such as, Myths, Philosophy, Theories, Fitness, Culture, and Food. The hope is to have many different participants coming together to provide their own personal perspectives, and also passions, which hopefully can help students in UofT understand and be exposed to differing points of view. 


In this way, the main strength of this paper will revolve around seeing the value in each of our own niche passions, stories, and ideas. However, coming from the perspective of young university students we will present details of more nuanced interests and takes in an accessible way that will allow people to see deeper truths and meanings in different stories that perhaps they would not have seen before.


During our group meetings we would use the time to listen to each other’s interests, things each of us have been thinking about, things we have realized, and perspectives that the group members have had that they think could help other people to see things in a new way. 


For example, we may talk about masculinity and how certain cultural expectations that are placed on boys growing up actually seem to breed toxic masculinity, which ultimately damages more than just men. This is my personal perspective and I believe it could be one that would be valuable for other men, and women to read. However, I want to be able to talk about other people’s experiences and perspectives that are very different than my own.


As an undergrad, there is a wide range of topics covered in class that do not have to do with the specific interest we have in the subject that made us enter into that degree. In this paper, our writers will be able to write about more nuanced topics in depth in the subject that perhaps they are studying. While conducting interviews we will ask students to express their passions in particular subjects more specifically. Likewise, when talking to professors we will make a point of asking them about specific loves within their subject and ask questions we might have about distinct subjects.

Group Administration

Primary Contact

John Reilly President

Administrative Officers

John Reilly President Savita Brickman-Maxwell Vice-Preseident

Other Executive Members

Mihret Eliasziw Secretary John Reilly Treasurer

Group Expires:

September 30, 2024 11:59 pm

Last Updated:

November 8, 2023 11:07 am


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